I am not very good at shell

There’s definitely going to be a better way than my way of getting all the words that can be written with the left side of the keyboard


for i in `tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' < words | egrep -v "[polikmujnyh]"`; do echo -n $i; echo -n $i | wc -c; done | awk '{ print $2, $1 }' | sort -n

Still, tesseradecade, devertebrated and aftercataract. According to wiktionary I can even have tesseradecades

Left side of keyboard (12 letters or more):

12 gazetteerage
12 reasseverate
12 terracewards
12 tessaradecad
13 aftercataract
13 devertebrated
13 tesseradecade

Right side of keyboard (10 letters or more):

10 plynlymmon
10 polyphylly
11 hypolimnion
11 hypophyllum
11 polyphonium
12 hypophyllium
12 miminypiminy
13 phyllophyllin


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